Carnifex recently released this interactive 360-degree drum playthrough video featuring Shawn Cameron playing “Six Feet Closer To Hell” off their new albumSlow Death. It is out August 5th on Nuclear Blast Records.

These guys have come along way since their 2007 debut album Dead In My Arms. They’ve really refined their sound, a mix of Black Metal, Deathcore, and Djent that grows more brutal and intense with age. Shawn had a few things to say about the production of this glorious playthrough video:

Drum! How did the idea arise to create a 360 drum playthrough?

Shawn Nuclear Blast Records wanted to film the drum playthrough to help promote the album. I’m not quite sure if they were working with YouTube to promote a 360 video since it’s a relatively new thing or we just happened to film it at YouTube Studios. Originally it was supposed to be a whole band playthrough but we had already done videos like that before. I wanted to be able to let viewers see me playing my kit from multiple angles since [that is] the point of the 360 videos.

Drum! How many takes did you have to nail this performance?

Shawn I think it was six times. Three of which I stopped playing about thirty seconds in because I kept botching things.

Drum! What was the most difficult part of the song?


Shawn Apparently about thirty seconds in [laughs]. Actually the hardest part of the song for me is the verse riff. It’s got some gallops in the middle of some running kicks and it’s all syncopated with the guitars.

Drum! What exactly is that module next to your hi-hats?

Shawn The module next to my hi-hats is the Roland SP-404SX. It is a sample pad. I use it for my click and backing tracks. I used to use an iPod but with all the sweat and hair during live performances sometimes there were miscues so we got something with big buttons that I can’t mess up. I actually had a mount specially fabricated because no mount exists for this module.

Drum! Is this a live drum recording?

Shawn This is not a live recording. You’ll just have to come to a show and headbang with us if you want to hear me play it.

Drum! Did you play to a click track?

Shawn I do play to a click track. It makes it much easier to sync the audio with the video. We use click and backing tracks live so it wasn’t anything different than normal.

Drum! How do you like that Pearl Export?

Shawn I love it! It’s been on the road with me since 2007. It was the kit I used on our first four albums. The last two albums we had to travel to record so i wasn’t able to use it. I’m actually looking into getting the Pearl Decade Maple kit here pretty soon. I love my Export but it’s getting pretty worn from the years of touring so i think it’s about time for something new.

Drum! What technique do you prefer when doing blast beats?

Shawn I prefer the euro or traditional blast beat and always the bomb blast [technique for traditional blast but with double bass underneath]. The traditional is with the hands alternating and the feet doing eighth-notes underneath. The bomb blast that I do is eighth-notes with the left hand on the snare, quarter notes with my right hand on the hi-hats, and sixteenth-notes with the feet. I couldn’t really do traditional blasts on our first two records so they were all hammer blasts.

Drum! Are there plans for more of these 360 drum playthroughs?

Shawn Not in the immediate future but we are planning on getting a couple of 360 cameras so that we can give our fans a new perspective at some of our live performances at Summer Slaughter and Ozzfest Meets Knotfest.


  • 8″ Rack Tom
  • 10″ Rack Tom
  • 12″ Rack Tom
  • 13″ Joey Jordison Signature Snare Drum
  • 16″ Floor Tom
  • 22″ Bass Drums (Two)
  • All With Black Hardware


  • 6″ Zil-Bel
  • 8″ A Custom Splash
  • 10″ Oriental China
  • 14″ Quick Beat Hi hats
  • 18″ Oriental China
  • 18″ A Custom China
  • 18″ A Custom Medium Crashes (Two)

Shawn uses Vic Firth 5B sticks, 2-sided Pearl ICON DR503C drum rack, 4 PCX-200 pipe clamps for his toms and SP-404SX module, 3 PCX-100 pipe clamps for his cymbals, 6 boom cymbal holders, 2 cymbal holder extensions, and 2 Axis Longboard X single pedals.