One of the parts of the drum kit that takes the most punishment is the bass drum pedal. Therefore, it requires some special attention. And if you don’t maintain it, it will give you problems.

One of the most common problems is breaking the hinge or pin that connects the footboard to the heel plate. This is probably due to all the stomping the pedal is exposed to, or from all the rocking from left to right your foot tends to do when playing.

Sometimes the pedal is broken in transport. If you normally throw it in a bag with the rest of your hardware, you might want to consider a separate case to protect it from any collateral damage on the way to and from gigs.

Although a broken pedal is a showstopper (which is why you always want to carry a back-up) it is fairly easy to fix. Here’s how.

1) The first step is to remove the old hinge. Be careful when you attempt this because some companies use a thread lock compound on the screws, making the screw heads easy to strip.



2) If the pedal has a base plate, remove that first. Remove it using the correct-size screwdriver. You may need a heat gun (hair dryers don’t get hot enough) to heat each screw to loosen the thread lock.



3) Once the plate is removed, use the same procedure on the hinge to reinstall/reverse the process. And be sure to use thread lock (I prefer Locktite White) to keep the screws from coming loose and falling out.


Now you’re ready to stomp to your foot’s desire.