When they are playing your songs forty and fifty years after your heyday, you are a legend. And, that is Keith Moon.  He was famous for his constant bass pedaling, furious toms and thundering fills. And, he was also interesting in how he often interacted with Townshend’s guitar and Daltrey’s vocals, as much as Entwistle’s bass, involving the drums directly in the melody of the song.

The song commonly called “Teenage Wasteland” is a classic seemingly on permanent repeat on television soundtracks. It’s actual title is “Baba O’Riley” and it originally appeared on the 1972 classic Who’s Next. Keith’s two fills, the intro at 0:57 (on the album version) and a later one around 2:32, are essential listening and a good intro to the Moon madness. Well known, but still inspiring. 

Here’s a version so you can hear it again.


The Who – Baba O’Riley with lyrics from Alex Salom onVimeo.

Here’s a transcribed lesson from the good folks

Here’s a Youtube video demo by Matthew DePaul who learned the lick from the above lesson.