Ray Luzier’s footprint is all over Korn’s new album, ­The Serenity Of Suffering. He carves out just the right sounds, wields dynamics from soft to ferocious, and forges parts that are artful, musical, and multigenre. If you’re thinking about purchasing the music as a download, do yourself a favor and buy the entire album. ­ The quality of the drumming is consistently high, and even gains momentum as you get deeper into it.

music for die yet another night


“Die Yet Another Night”

Contrasting a dense guitar riff with a silky-smooth funk verse groove, Luzier conjures up the drummers of James Brown. He uses an open hi-hat on 1, a displaced backbeat on the & of 1, ruff s on the ah of 4, and a five-stroke roll on the & of 4 (measure four). Luzier plays a variety of cymbals as punctuation marks between phrases. In a 3/4 prechorus chant, the floor tom continues uninterrupted through the entire phrase, while the other hand moves between middle tom and crash.