Pop Icon Travis Barker is dedicated to his craft. From punk-rock to hip-hop, he creates drum parts that provide the infectious backdrop for hit after hit. It was too early to gain access to the new Blink-182 album to analyze, so instead Barker revealed his all-time favorite “Feeling This” from Blink-182.

Barker pays homage to John Bonham in the opening eight bars: a triplet shuffle in bar two, accented flat flam eighths between the snare and hi-hat in bar three, and off beat bass drum doubles in bar four. He repeats the idea in bars five through eight. As the vocals enter in measure nine — and the drums pop out in the mix — Barker simplifies his pattern, and the outlines of a 3:2 son clave come into focus. In the chorus, he adds a left-hand cowbell clave while his right hand and foot cover the rest of the groove.


Groove Analysis Travis Barker

“Feeling This”