During a Span of 26 years and 11 albums with Green Day, Tré Cool has set a high standard for punk rock drumming, exemplified by seemingly contradictory stylistic elements: an aggressive but refined pocket, a punchy but warm sound, creative but functional parts, and a nouveau but still retro vibe. The three songs featured here from Revolution Radio are not only surefire hits, but will cause throngs of drummers to again want to copy Cool. Not necessarily to show off their technical virtuosity — though it’s much harder than it looks — but because Cool’s beats and fills are fun to play and infectious for the listener.


“Somewhere Now”


“Somewhere Now”

Cool suddenly emerges out of a mellow vocals/rhythm guitar introduction with fierce flat flams between floor toms and bass drum. Two sextuplet groupings (mostly on the snare) drive us into a section that Cool says is inspired by the Who’s Keith Moon from “A Quick One While He’s Away.” Check out the four-stroke ruffs at the end of the four-bar phrase, each split between two notes per drum.