Hail The Sun‘s Donovan Melero is a multi-talented man who combines singing and drumming as well as anyone we’ve seen recently. And, people like what he’s doing because the last time we posted one of his band’s videos it was quickly shared to 180,000 people. If you’re into odd vocal melodies along with odd time signatures, we suggest you listen to more of him. Melero works hard at his craft and it obviously pays off. We’re excited to exclusively premiere their new song, “Words of Gratitude (Parents)” which has amazing vocals and squeaky clean chops! Donovan also gave us some insight into his merger of drumming style and vocal style while playing.

DRUM! The range of the group’s material is pretty wide — from soft and melodic to more progressive and loud. Are some songs easier to sing than others?

Donovan Melero Yes, definitely. But that usually doesn’t have to do with the complexity of the drum parts. It has to do with the movement of the vocal melody. When there are big intervals, one after another, then it can get tricky. But sometimes that’s what makes the vocal melody stand out!


DRUM! What about this song? Who wrote it? How did the drum part develop?

Donovan Melero This song was a collective effort on all fronts, and has a little history. The opening and verse guitar riff is something we had since the inception of another band I started with Shane back in 2010 while John (bass) was in Germany and Aric (guitar) was living eight hours away from the rest of us. It didn’t get used for Hail the Sun, until now. The rest of the song was built around that riff by the other members and I think they all compliment each other wonderfully. That’s the beauty of this band and those guys; we consistently share a common vision. And each one of us comes up with parts of songs that the rest of us may have never thought of. We have a lot of “AH HA!” moments. The lyrics reflect my deep gratitude for my parents, and my admiration of them for standing by me during a time where I put them through so much. But I think this also represents the gratitude we all feel towards our parents, for always standing by us while we do what we love, and for helping us understand the meaning of unconditional love. As far as the drumming, I tried to throw in little nuances in the verses to keep it interesting, otherwise I think it called for the ‘less is more’ approach!

DRUM! What gear were you using on the video recording?

Donovan Melero I used my 5B wood tip Vic Firth drum sticks, Sabian Cymbals, Remo drum heads, Ludwig classic maple with a Pearl Masters studio snare.

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