Through tireless research and development by the Zildjian Sound Lab, a specialized pattern was achieved to deliver the best of both worlds: musical sound and lower volume. This state-of-the-art pattern is combined with a proprietary alloy and then given a unique matte finish that enables our L80 Low Volume cymbal to be up to 80% quieter than a traditional cymbal.

“We experimented with various alloys with different tonal properties to find the perfect balance of musicality and low volume,” said Mike Sutton, Product Manager at Zildjian. “With the L80 Low Volume Cymbal, we have found the perfect solution for drummers who play in overcrowded urban environments or who want to play longer without disturbing your neighbors, parents or adjacent lesson rooms.”


  • LV38 Box Set: L80 Low Volume 13” Hihat/18” Crash Ride – $199.95 MAP
  • LV348 Box Set: L80 Low Volume 13” Hihat/14” Crash/18” Crash Ride – $249.95 MAP
  • LV468 Box Set: L80 Low Volume 14” Hihat/16” Crash/18” Crash Ride – $299.95 MAP

For more information go online at Zildjian to check out the rest of their complete line of cymbals.