On Monday, November 14 at 10 p.m./9 p.m. Central, PBS will debut the eight-part documentary series Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music, originally conceived by the late Sir George Martin to spotlight and chronicle the evolution of recording technology beginning in the mid-20th century, and the myriad ways in which it has influenced the creation and consumption of popular music ever since. The series presents interviews with more than 160 notable artists, producers, audio engineers, and music industry figures, accompanied by a wealth of behind-the-scenes footage of important studio sessions spanning decades of innovation in music production.

The Soundbreaking series is structured thematically as well as chronologically, as each episode examines a specific facet of developments in recording and music technology. Drummers including Ringo Starr, Hal Blaine, Questlove, and The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney appear in interviews about their contributions to great works of recorded music.


Watch the trailer for Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music.

Watch an excerpt of a Hal Blaine interview about his work with The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson, from the 2003 film The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Rock ‘n Roll Musical.