Are you on a quest to find a dope kit that your child will shred for days? With the help of Ludiwg, Questlove will hook you up fat with his signature kit specifically tailored for entry level or beginner drummers. The Pocket Kit comes ready to play right out of the box and as an added bonus comes with a free 7 part video lesson with Questlove and friends. The all-inclusive 4 piece kit is available in three rad colors, includes cymbals, hardware, and accessories to get you grooving.

Ludwig Launches The Pocket Kit By Questlove 2


“The Pocket Kit is the kind of kit I wanted when I first started drumming at 4 or 5 years old,” shared Questlove. “My inspiration was to build a kit for an entry level drummer with the sound and quality of an adult drum kit.”

Ludwig Launches The Pocket Kit By Questlove 3

Video lessons for The Pocket Kit cover topics such as drum kit assembly, drum tuning, stick technique and playing your very own Pocket beat. Owners of The Pocket Kit can access exclusive online video lessons by registering their kit at The Pocket Kit is available at authorized Ludwig dealers. To learn more about ThePocketKit, visit The Pocket Kit and follow The Pocket Kit by Questlove on social media @thepocketkit.