Age: 31
Equipment: Mapex and DW drums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Evans heads
Contact;; user/v0ldak


Music is a life-altering force. Just ask Oklahoma-based up-andcomer Jamy Casteel. After waking up to find a drum set waiting for him on his 12th birthday, life was just never the same. Originally inspired by the power and precision of prog-icon Mike Portnoy, Casteel threw himself into a relentless practice routine that helped him develop a truly formidable voice on the drum set. Head over to jamycasteel. com, and fire up the video of his 2015 Drum Off solo. You’ll see the Midwestern monster deftly navigate everything from gospel chops-inspired flurries to heavy double-bass grooves, to a couple brain-bending four-way independence testers. If that’s not enough, dip into his Youtube channel to find footage of Casteel plying his chops in just about any genre you can imagine. Today, Casteel showcases his versatile approach with a host of artists on stage and in the studio throughout the greater Oklahoma and Texas regions.