More than a year ago we received a prototype in our offices of a new kind of pad, one with four different playing surfaces arranged in a unique configuration. At the time we thought it was going to be a huge hit. Now, Ludwig has revolutionized the drum pad market with the introduction of the production version of the P4 Practice Pad. Designed by world-renowned drummerPat Petrillo, the P4 Pad is the first of its kind, with 3 different playing levels and 4 different playing surfaces that provide a variety of feels, sounds, and responses. This unique and versatile design will improve overall hand technique, accuracy, and coordination by providing multiple playing surfaces on the same side of the pad.

The new Ludwig P4 fits neatly on top of your snare drum, table top, or also fits nicely into any snare stand basket. It also has an 8 mm thread to be attached to a cymbal stand. “Each pad has a unique sound and feel, corresponding to the playing characteristics of different drums and cymbals” says Jim Catalano, Director of Sales & Marketing for Ludwig. Pat Petrillo has been successfully using the P4 for practice and teaching at Drummers Collective in New York , and now everyone has the opportunity to experience the feel and dexterity development that the P4 Pad can offer. “I wanted to replicate the feel of moving around the drum set when I practice on a pad.” says Pat Petrillo. “The P4 allows me to really work on independence techniques.” As an introductory offer, the P4 Pad will also be shipped with a free pair of drumsticks.


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