Pearl made a major announcement at NAMM 2020 with the launch of its new Music City Custom Solid Shell snare drum line. Using a steam bending technique from old-world ship builders, these are made in the USA from North American lumber. They feature an 8mm solid shell with 6mm solid reinforcement rings, available in maple, ash, walnut, and cherry. There are a variety of finishes and inlays available as well.

The company also unveiled its new Brian Fraiser Moore signature snare drum. This is a loud one, as we witnessed first-hand while Brian sound checked during our video for a performance at the Pearl booth later that day. It’s a 15mm-thick gum/maple/gum 12-ply shell. It’s got die-cast hoops and an exotic wood veneer. The 42-strand brass snare wires are placed in a deeper snare bed. Each is individually labeled inside with a badge designed by Brian himself.


And finally, the new Eliminator Solo bass drum pedals feature a streamlined, smooth pedalboard and two cam choices. One is the red, radical progressive cam which is feels like a direct drive, the other is the black cam with more weight and power. Street price $129 (single).