Promark by D’Addario welcomes Stephen Creighton to its percussion artist roster with the launch of the Stephen Creighton Signature Stick ($25 MSRP), a maple model that is 16″ long and has a .755″ diameter. Available in three finish options, it has standard lacquer and offers ActiveGrip, Promark’s patented, heat-activated grip coating.

This is Promark’s first product for the Pipe Band market.



Creighton is a world-renowned Pipe Band drummer and Drum Sergeant of the St. Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band in Dublin, Ireland. Throughout his career, Creighton helped lead the band to British, European, Scottish and over 10 All-Ireland Grade 1 Titles. He also led the band to a “Best in Percussion” title and placed third overall at the 2016 Pipe Band World Championships.


Creighton is also an accomplished soloist and has been consistently ranked in the Top 12 senior drummers for 18 of the last 20 World Solo Championships. He has seven All-Ireland solo titles and is known for his musicality and tonal perfection.

“Working with Promark, I went through several iterations to perfect the design of my new signature drumstick,” Creighton explains. “By shifting the weight to the front of the stick and tapering the back of the grip, we created a stick with improved balance and rebound. With Promark’s advanced weight and tone sorting processes, and high-quality maple, this design makes the perfect pipe band stick.”

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