You may not be familiar with the name “Sakae,” but this Japanese drum company has been the mastermind behind all Yamaha high-end drums for 40 years. After developing percussion instruments for the Japanese school market, Sakae’s success caught the attention of Yamaha, who asked company to join forces with them in the late 1960s.


Now, almost half a century later, Sakae has decided to branch off on its own, as third generation heir, Eizo Nakata steps up to the plate to take his father’s place. “In these difficult and uncertain economic times I realize the decision to independently build the Sakae brand is one most would see as risk,” Eizo explains. “However; Sakae is not just another drum company. My family and I are committed to the traditions of making instruments of the utmost quality and excellence. Corporatism and the desire to become the biggest drum company in the world are not our priorities. What is our priority is making musical instruments that my father, grandfather and the legendary artists I have grown up with, would all be proud of. Bringing honor to their names, hard work and music is the driving force behind each and every morning I wake.”