Like it or not, popular culture worships the rich and famous. So to satisfy any craving you might have for such juicy gossip, here is a list of the net worth of the 30 richest drummers in the world, courtesy of (We couldn’t help noticing that there aren’t many jazz drummers on the list. Just sayin’.)


Ringo Starr: $300 Million
Phil Collins: $250 Million
Dave Grohl: $225 Million
Don Henley: $200 Million
Lars Ulrich: $175 Million
Charlie Watts: $160 Million
Larry Mullen Jr.: $150 Million
Roger Taylor: $105 Million
Joey Kramer: $100 Million
Chad Smith: $90 Million
Travis Barker: $85 Million
Stewart Copeland: $80 Million
Alex Van Halen: $75 Million
Nick Mason: $75 Million
Tommy Lee: $70 Million
Bill Ward: $65 Million
Jon Fishman: $60 Million
Carter Beauford: $55 Million
Rick Allen: $50 Million
Tre Cool: $45 Million
Danny Carey: $40 Million
Tico Torres: $40 Million
Max Weinberg: $35 Million
Mickey Hart: $30 Million
Bill Kreutzmann: $25 Million
Neil Peart: $22 Million
Taylor Hawkins: $20 Million
Questlove: $16 Million
Steven Adler: $15 Million
Mick Fleetwood: $8.5 Million