Many drummers sound great when playing on a practice pad but don’t sound nearly as good behind a set of drums. That’s because they’ve spent too much time practicing static speed and not enough time practicing dynamic, or what I call, “mobile” speed.

This series is designed to help you increase your mobile speed around the drumset. If you missed any of the previous lessons, I suggest you work on Lesson #1 and Lesson #2 before this one. They are designed to work best when practiced in the sequence presented.



After studying the written exercises below, watch the video clip. I demonstrate the optimum method of playing each exercise slowly around the drumset, followed by an example of how it should look and sound when played up to speed. Although it is not easy to move around the drumset without tensing up your muscles, it can be done – with enough practice!

Tiger Bill Speed Lesson Increase Your Speed Around The Drums - Part 3


Moving around the drumset with one hand as in Lesson #1, while staying relaxed and tension free, takes lots of practice. But once you build single-handed drills into your muscle memory, you will find using two hands around the kit (as inLesson #2) to be much easier than it ever was. Also, note that in the second exercise your right hand crosses over your left. This not only sounds great but adds a cool visual element to your performance that’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


Although this 3-part series should give you a good start on becoming faster and more comfortable around the drumset, we have really just scratched the surface. There are literally thousands of exercises you can apply to help you improve your speed around the drumset. Now it’s your turn. Use your creativity and start developing your own crossover drills. You should add at least one exercise to help you increase your speed around the drums to your regular daily workout routine each week. Good Luck!

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Until next time: Stay loose and have fun! Tiger Bill Meligari