Exercise, done right. Growing up marching, we were taught the significance of having control over your hands and filtering out any weakness. This exercise will strengthen your weak hand and is applicable around the drum set. Here we play three different patterns  composed of triplets. It involves playing a RLL pattern into a LLR pattern, and then changes the last sticking to a RLR into LRL to switch sides. The number of times each pattern repeats shortens as we work down the list of exercises. Get ready to feel the burn and take your hands to the next level. Dig it!



  • Say “trip-a-let” or “choc-o-late” while playing, so you’re conscious of note placement
  • Make sure your second stroke on the left hand remains clear and pronounced in your playing
  • Practice just RLL or LLR for a while to increase comfort
  • Once you’re comfortable with each exercise by itself, try playing from Ex. 1 to Ex. 6 without stopping
  • Try to move this around the drum set by placing the accents on different drums, keeping lefts on the snare

left hand sucks drum lesson

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